Build Your Customer Base

Your Guide to Choosing the Right Marketing Firm for Your New Law Office

If you have recently opened your own law office, it is crucial for you to be able to get your name out there and attract clients. The best way to do so involves working with the right marketing firm.Given that there are so many marketing firms who cater to the needs of attorneys, it is a good idea to be aware of the advice discussed below as you make that tough and important choice.

Choose a Marketing Firm That Has Experience Working With Small or Newer Law Offices

It only makes sense that the needs of a new law practice will often differ greatly from those of a larger, more well-established office. Therefore, you should work with a firm that has experience helping new law offices to become established. For example, your firm may need help establishing a web presence and getting your name out to the people who can benefit from your help, while larger offices may want to stress the number of attorneys at their business and the different specialties within the legal field they can provide.  

In order to get the maximum benefit from a new marketing firm,  you will want to determine the ideas you have for your website and clarify the methods that will be used to optimize that website. In addition, unless you are specializing in one type of law or prefer to focus on specific legal issues, you'll probably benefit from having your business associated with a host of legal specialties. By doing so, you can appeal to a larger audience and attract more business.

Determine How the Marketing Company Can Generate Possible Clients for You

Although your web presence is very important in today's high-tech, high-speed world, it is not the only way to attract clients that you should consider. Another aspect that you should be aware of is how the marketing firm can connect you with people who need your legal advice.

For instance, it is simply not practical to hang your sign out and assume clients will come to you. Instead, you should consider whether or not cold calling, mass mailers, and the use of discreet ads are in your budget and are an option you would benefit from. As part of attracting new clients, you should discuss your marketing needs and available budget with several firms because there is undoubtedly a company who wants to meet your needs in accordance with your existing budget.          

In conclusion, accessing the right marketing firm is an important aspect of any burgeoning law practice and choosing one from the variety of options can be quite challenging. Fortunately, that decision will be a bit easier when you apply the tips shared above.