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4 Ways To Improve The Design Of Your Personal Website

If you are trying to blog for money this year, you need to make sure that not only do you write great content for your target audience but that you also have a responsive website that will entice people to spend more time on your website engaging with your content. There are numerous ways you can improve the layout of your website; here are four ways.

Way #1: Add Social Share Buttons

Sharing posts on social media is the new word of mouth endorsement, and it is crucial for driving traffic to your website. Make sure that you include social share buttons for the websites that your target audience uses the most. That way, they can easily share things they read on your website with their friends and followers. Social share buttons can provide really important traffic to your website.

Way #2: Use High-Quality Images

When someone goes to your website, they shouldn't feel like they are looking at the images that they see everywhere else. Although it is okay to use stock photos, try to stay away from free stock photos, which tend to be oversaturated. Look for stock images that you can purchase, as they generally have a more unique look and feel to them. There are lots of great low-cost stock image websites and even smaller blogs that sell stock image packages that you can use to enhance the images on your website.

Way #3: Creating a Scrolling Homepage

The homepage on your website is not like a resume; it doesn't have to be contained to a single page. Your homepage should contain all the most important information a first-time or returning visitor would need to access, which is why you shouldn't shy away from a scrolling homepage. Scrolling home pages can increase time spent on your website; just make sure that you also have an easy-to-access navigation bar as well for those who are not into the scroll.

Way #4: Embrace White Space

Don't be afraid of white space, also known as negative space. Negative space is important for your website. Negative space actually makes it easier for visitors to read information and know what to engage with on your website. You don't need to fill every square inch of space with content or images; leaving a little blank space is actually a smart move.

If you don't know that much about website design, no worries. You can hire a web design company for an affordable price to improve the design of your website. If you want to make money blogging this year, you need to make sure that you have a well-designed website. You have to invest in yourself before others invest in you.