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Pizza Restaurant Owners: 3 Custom Software Features To Help Keep Business Thriving

For many restaurants, breaking ground and building a successful business is an uphill battle. Going against statistics, many restaurant owners try to outlast the 60% of restaurants that close within the first year. To help your restaurant thrive, it's not only about good food but about building a business that is accessible, easy to manage, and reaches out to as many customers as possible. In today's digital age, managing your pizza restaurant can be done easily with custom software solutions. By hiring a team of developers, you can have custom software created across multiple platforms. This software can help with the day-to-day operations of your pizza restaurant, and there are three features to implement into the design. Adding these custom features will help give you a personal piece of software that has all of your needs without any extra fluff.

Delivery Maps & Tracking

If your pizza restaurant delivers food, then implementing a delivery and tracking system is key to expanding your business. When setting up custom software for your business, you can have a delivery system implemented. Each time the order is placed, the address and details are put into the system. For drivers, this makes it a lot easier to find locations and track their deliveries throughout the night. For your business, you can see areas where your pizza is being ordered from and ways to expand to different locations.

For example, if you're getting a lot of orders from a specific housing complex or apartment building, then you can advertise deals and coupons to that area. If there's a place where you're not getting many orders from, you can research nearby pizza restaurants and try to find a way to break into that section for business. Custom software features can showcase interactive maps where deliveries are made and even break them down to specific days of the week if needed. This automated research will make you fully aware of your customer base.

POS Systems

Make ordering and paying easy by having a custom POS system created for your business. Software companies can create a system that features your full menu, add-on items, and drinks in an easy to use process. The system can be designed for easy changes and menu additions as your restaurant grows and thrives. The custom system can also include special features like coupon codes, daily specials, and reward memberships. POS tracking can also be implemented to help research trends. This includes the most ordered items, the best coupon deals, and items that are lacking sales. The software can be set up to automatically generate reports and alert you on items that have not been selling for a specific amount of time.

Public App Features & Communication

Along with in-house software to help manage your pizza restaurant, developers can create app software for public use. A custom app will make it easy for customers to order, access your menu, and contact the restaurant. The app design is a key part of having your restaurant stand out. It can feature custom features, pizza building options, and easy ways for customers to order. The app can also feature direct communication with customers through deal alerts, text messages, or exclusive digital promotions.

By having a custom app created, your restaurant can really stand out. You can add in features like daily challenges or special pizza hashtag submissions to help increase interactivity and provide discounts for customers. On your end, the app can provide data tracking to help build a customer base and see exactly what the customer wants in terms of food and service. These reports can be studied on a weekly basis and be set up so that they are automatically sent to your phone.

When hiring developers to create custom software for your business, it's important to make a list of priorities. This will help the developers create software that caters to your specific needs and has the features to help your business thrive. For more information, talk with custom software developers