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Socially Connected: A Lawyer's Guide To Beginning With Social Media Marketing

You didn't go to law school for years and never understand how vital marketing is for your practice. For this reason, if you are like most attorneys, you will spend a fair amount of your time doing things like making commercials, sending out flyers, and paying for ads in the local newspaper. The fact is, if you're not a marketing lawyer, you may never get many clients at all. But even when you think you have all of the bases covered where marketing is concerned, there is one form of marketing that you could be neglecting: social media marketing.

Why is social media marketing important in the legal business?

There are a few reasons why social media is an effective way to market your legal practice. For one, social media is something a large portion of the population uses in some form on a daily basis. Therefore, there is a good chance your information will be seen. Secondly, social media offers potential clients a convenient way to keep tabs on you as a professional and to see what all you have to offer. Many people check out professional social media pages before they will even contact a business professional by phone or in person. 

What are some of the best tips for creating a good business social media profile?

When you are creating a social media profile for personal use, you're not concerned about marketing yourself, so it really doesn't matter what the profile has available to view. However, as a professional attorney, there are key ingredients that make your social media profile stand out in the eyes of a client. A few simple rules to remember are:

  1. Keep the profile strictly professional. 
  2. Update the page attributes, such as your status, regularly. 
  3. Offer helpful information, like contact info and what area of law you practice. 

What should you do if social media networking doesn't seem to be effective?

If you have went the process of creating a social media profile for your practice and don't seem to be yielding any more client contacts than usual, there could be a few things wrong. The first thing to consider is whether you are available for communication through your social media profiles. A lot of potential clients will reach out to you on these profiles first as a matter of convenience, so make sure you are either available to respond or you hire someone who can.