Build Your Customer Base

Three Tips For In-Store Events

Marketing is important if you want to keep your business in the public eye and help it to grow over time. Field marketing, getting out in the field to interact with customers, can be vital for many reasons. If you'd like to do an in-store event to interest people in your product and hopefully make some sales, observe these tips.

Use the Right Staff Members

The people you use to run the in-store event must be selected carefully. It's not enough to select workers who are friendly, although that is important; you need to choose people who can speak knowledgeably about your products and encourage people to make a purchase. This is especially important even if you plan to be at the event yourself. You might know more than others about your products, but you could probably benefit from having some good salespeople with you so that sales can happen more easily.

Display a Banner

Displaying your items is part of any in-store event. You're likely to have the use of a table, but it is vital that you remember to bring a banner with your own logo on it. A banner is an easy way to catch the eye of those walking by, but even if people in the store don't approach you or your products, they will become more familiar with your logo and brand. Of course, check with the store to ensure that the storeowner knows what your plans for the space are.

Ask for Feedback

One of the reasons that in-store events can be so good for your business is that you get to chat in real-time with some of the people who you're targeting with your products. By demonstrating your product and having conversations, you'll get a better feel for what appeals to them and what they want and need in a product like yours.

In fact, you can ask for specific feedback that you can use to make your products better and improve your business strategies. You might ask people to fill out a short survey in return for a free sample or a discount. On the survey, you can include questions about whether the product price is appropriate, whether the packaging seems adequate and other targeted questions. The information you get in return can be invaluable and lead to better profits down the road.

A successful in-store event is something you should plan regularly. For more help, you might want to get the help of a field marketing company that can help you organize and coordinate in-store events that can help you reach customers. For more information, contact a company like E3 Local.