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Is Your Affiliate Marketing Failing? 5 Common Affiliate Marketing Issues

If your affiliate links aren't getting clicks, there may be a problem. Affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to develop passive income and boost your own presence, but it can be difficult to perfect. Here are a few of the most common issues marketers run into.

1. Competing With the Product

If you're trying to sell a product like "website themes" and you're writing SEO for "website themes," then you're actually competing for the exact product that you're attempting to market. This means that you're probably never going to be any more successful at selling the product than the product already is at selling itself. You should be marketing sideways: marketing "website themes," for instance, on a B2B eCommerce focused site.

2. Trying to Promote Too Many Products

If your focus is split among multiple industries, you're not going to be able to build up traffic in any particular industry. Most people promote only a few products in a single niche. In fact, some people only promote a single product at any given time, with landing pages and sales funnels that are designed to push people towards these individual products.  

3. Launching an Empty Site

It isn't just about landing pages: it's also about content. Today, websites usually don't even rank unless they have a certain amount of content available. If you want to start affiliate marketing, you usually have to design a site that looks busy and is active. Posting at least once a week is good, but it's actually desirable to post every day or even multiple times a day if you really want to build traffic. 

4. Not Tracking Your Metrics

To fine-tune your affiliate marketing, you need to be able to track your metrics. You need to see how many people are clicking your links, whether they're buying, and what pages they're interacting with the most. It isn't always easy to predict how customers are going to interact with your content. Without data, you can't know whether or not your marketing strategies are actually being effective. 

5. Forgetting About Mobile

Mobile browsing now accounts for more internet traffic than desktop browsing does. Not only does your site need to be designed for mobile, but your ads and the pages your ads link to also need to be designed for mobile. Otherwise, you could be losing sales you would be able to secure.

Affiliate marketing is all about tracking your data, identifying problems, and figuring out solutions. An affiliate link management system or affiliate marketing software can help you improve your operations.