Build Your Customer Base

How Can Local SEO Help Your Law Firm?

Even small law firms benefit from building a robust SEO strategy. Older advertising models, such as print advertising, aren't as good at bringing in new clients as they used to be, and many people find the services they need through online searches.

This works fine if your firm appears in these searches. Once your website catches someone attention, they may well give you a call. However, some firms fail to maximize the benefits of this system —they solely focus on general SEO and ignore local strategies.

Local SEO can be an extremely effective way of bringing in more new business. What are the benefits of including this type of optimization in your general online marketing strategy?

Target Local Clients

If you manage to get higher search engine rankings on a general level, then your law firm will do well in searches. However, this may not bring in all the business you might expect.

If someone happens upon your website, but they live on the other side of the country, then they aren't likely to use your services. They probably want a local law office.

However, if you combine general and local SEO, you hit your target audience more effectively. General optimization keeps you in the mix; local optimization works better geographically.

This strategy targets people who live and work in your geographical area. So, if someone in your town or city searches for a law firm, you should come out high in the search results even if they don't put in a location. Their location tells search engines how to tailor their results.

If your firm ranks highly, then the people who see your site will be more likely to call you. If they need a local firm, you'll be in the mix if you get your SEO strategy right.

Build Your Reputation Online

A good local SEO strategy harnesses free features offered by search engines to help local businesses. So, for example, you can add your firm to the Google My Business service. This pins down your location, promotes your firm in local searches and even gives you the chance to build a review base.

All of these factors improve your online presence and give people a way of checking you out. If you appear in a prime position on a Google search and have good reviews, then your reputation gets a boost and your incoming calls could increase.

To get targeted advice on how to best promote yourself online, contact online marketing specialists with experience of building SEO for law firms.