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Key Elements To Include In A Storybrand Brandscript Website

Websites that use a storytelling framework like StoryBrand BrandScript are those that tell a story to customers, taking them along a meaningful journey that ultimately gives them more reason to buy products or use services. If you're trying to create a website using this approach, here are several elements you'll need to incorporate.

Company's History and Purpose

In order to take customers along on a story when browsing through your website, you first need to establish what your company is. When did it come into existence and what things is it concerned with? Customers need to know these things in order to feel more safe moving throughout your site.

You want to explain this information early and on the first pages of your company website. That sets the stage for other important elements included in a website that tells a story. State your company's goals and reason for existing in the first place, so that customers can feel trust early on when browsing your website.

Customer's Problem

When building a successful website using a framework like StoryBrand BrandScript, you need to address problems that customers are having. Maybe it's cleaning around small crevices in the kitchen or removing things from the back of the toilet. Reiterating these problems is the first step in showing how your company can address them.

Then, when customers visit your website that uses something like a StoryBrand BrandScript format, they'll soon realize they've come to the right place and that compels them to keep browsing through the website to see everything that is offered.

Post-Transaction Rewards

Once you're able to highlight a problem or problems customers are having in their everyday lives, you want to show exactly how your products or services will benefit them. That's where post-transaction rewards can help. They need to show up multiple times on your company website to really drive home why customers should shop with your company.

Make sure these post-transaction rewards are easy to understand, compelling, and placed strategically throughout your company website. Then, if there are customers potentially on the fence about checking out, maybe these post-transaction rewards can push them in the right direction. Just make sure you specify every reward carefully, helping customers make better decisions about the products and services they use. 

Websites that use a framework like StoryBrand BrandScript are important marketing tools that companies can use to get people interested in their business or services. If you focus on incorporating the right elements, then this type of website can really do wonders for company sales. 

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