Socially Connected: A Lawyer's Guide To Beginning With Social Media Marketing

You didn't go to law school for years and never understand how vital marketing is for your practice. For this reason, if you are like most attorneys, you will spend a fair amount of your time doing things like making commercials, sending out flyers, and paying for ads in the local newspaper. The fact is, if you're not a marketing lawyer, you may never get many clients at all. But even when you think you have all of the bases covered where marketing is concerned, there is one form of marketing that you could be neglecting: social media marketing. [Read More]

Your Guide to Choosing the Right Marketing Firm for Your New Law Office

If you have recently opened your own law office, it is crucial for you to be able to get your name out there and attract clients. The best way to do so involves working with the right marketing firm.Given that there are so many marketing firms who cater to the needs of attorneys, it is a good idea to be aware of the advice discussed below as you make that tough and important choice. [Read More]

Pizza Restaurant Owners: 3 Custom Software Features To Help Keep Business Thriving

For many restaurants, breaking ground and building a successful business is an uphill battle. Going against statistics, many restaurant owners try to outlast the 60% of restaurants that close within the first year. To help your restaurant thrive, it's not only about good food but about building a business that is accessible, easy to manage, and reaches out to as many customers as possible. In today's digital age, managing your pizza restaurant can be done easily with custom software solutions. [Read More]

3 Easy Ways To Maximize Your Business Blog

If you own a small business, then it can be tough to market yourself and bring new customers to your website and your physical business. Surveys indicate that about 97% of individuals search the internet when looking for a product and service, with 90% of consumers using search engines to find what they need. This means that your website can be the key to greater business success. When you add a blog to your site, not only will you inform customers of the reasons why they need your services, but you will be bringing in customers by showing the caring and professional side of your company. [Read More]